Looking for a holiday destination? Every country has its charm. Of course, you want to have the time of your life when you plan to travel. You wish to make the best choice and want to have your dream holiday. European countries have all the offerings that you look for. Among them, not all countries attract tourists the same way. Greece is one such European destination which is immensely loved by tourists from all over the world.

You will never regret going to Greece. In fact, your holiday might not prove to be enough for exploring the hypnotizing Greek main lands and islands. You will definitely want to visit Greece again. You can never have enough of this vibrant full of life country. Your days spent in Greece will be the most fulfilling days of your life with amazing views and some overly delicious cuisine. Summers are probably the best time to visit Greece. Most of the festivals happen during this time of the year.

Why Visit Greece for a Holiday?

There are a hundred reasons for Greece to be your holiday destination. We outline the key attractions that Greece has to offer.

  • Islands and Beaches:
Image of People sitting on the beach in there holiday in Greece

There are more than 2000 islands in Greece. Each one of them is uniquely beautiful. Therefore, while you are in Greece, you will have a new destination for every day and even multiple destinations for a single day. The idea of relaxing is incomplete without thinking of beach-side picnics. Greece offers wonderful beaches with picturesque views. You will fall in love with the color of the water there.

  • Food:

Greek cuisine is delicious. There are a lot of eating options for you to try during your stay in Greece. You will discover variety in moving from one island to the other. Your vacation will definitely be incomplete without tasty meals. In that aspect as well, Greece will not disappoint you. Apart from being delicious, Greek food is healthy too. The food is cooked in olive oil since Greek olives are well known around the world.

  • Night Life:

Greece has a vibrant and lavish nightlife to enjoy. So, you don’t have to worry about getting bored at night on account of your insomnia. On a vacation, one does not want to rest much. The curiosity of newness keeps one awake and restless. Parties and music festivals begin at midnight and continue till sunrise.

  • Historical Appeal:

Have a knack for olden times? You are going to fall in love with Greece. The age-old architecture, temples and arts will take you back in time. Greece is a custodian of history. History would never have evolved the way it did without the great Greek civilization. Being in Greece, you will get a chance to be a part of this greatness and to relive history.

  • Festivals and Carnivals:

You will find festivals, carnivals and music events happening around you. This will add to your joy. You should take part in them as they will make your holiday all the more exciting. You will be refreshed by the zeal and zest of Greek music and will not be able to resist dancing. Want to have the most of these festivals? Plan you holiday during the summers. These festivals will bring to you the unique Greek culture.

  • Hospitality:

Greek people are very hospitable. They will always greet you warmly and will love to guide you. You will find yourself among the friendliest people. If you are on your holiday all by yourself, you will not feel lonesome at all. You will soon find yourself with new friends. Same hospitality is seen at the hotels and restaurants.

  • Affordability:

Your trip to Greece is not going to cost you as much as in the other European countries. You will find food at a reasonable price. Even at the major tourist attractions, you will not find a great difference in the prices of food items and other things.

Made up your mind to spend your next vacation in Greece? Great! We now suggest you some amazing all-inclusive resorts so that you can make a timely booking.

All Inclusive Family Resorts in Greece

Now if you are going to travel to Greece along with your family, you have to make sure that the preferences and choices of all your family members are covered in the holiday package. Your kids need an altogether different form of recreation. Your resort destination should include play areas and parks.

It is very likely that your grown-up son or daughter has a love for archeology and history. You do not have to miss out on their chance of rejoicing the old Greece. As an adult, do not forget to give yourself the pleasure of resting along the beachside and some great hours of self-reflection while gazing at the infinite waters.

The following resorts cover the choices of your whole family:

  • Gouves Water Park Holiday Resort, Crete:

Gouves family resort is a perfect destination for your family holiday. It is located at a quiet and peaceful sight on Crete Island. There are over 260 residences available. You can walk to the beauty of sand and beaches since they are on a walking distance. There is a world-class fitness facility and a fantastic spa at this family resort.

Your kids will have all they need, from a mini disco and a mini club to a kids pool in an aqua park with four big water slides. Crete Island has a very healthy cuisine to offer. So, you will worry less about your kids’ health. At Gouves there are evening cooking sessions where you can see your food being cooked.

  • Lyttos Beach Hotel:

Crete Island is a great tourist attraction. In addition to all the charms that this island has to offer, there are some wonderful family resorts stationed here. Apart from Gouves, another one is Lyttos beach hotel. It is just a few steps away from the sandy beach. So, your morning walks will be immense fun. This resort has a kids club and a playground and multiple other sports facilities for your teenagers.

Another great thing about this beachside hotel is that it is not very far away from the capital of Crete. So, if you and your family want to roam around a little, you can take a bus and ride to the capital to see all the hustle and bustle of city life. The capital town has a blend of antique and modern architecture. This will amuse your grown-up kids a lot.

  • Grecotel Olympia Oasis, Peloponnese:

A dreamland comes to mind when you hear the word “oasis”. Well this Grecotel Olympia Oasis is no less than a dreamland. But this is not the dreamland where you will wish to be with your loved one. Rather, this is the perfect dreamland for your family. The word “Olympia” in its name tells you right away that there is going to be never-ending fun for your kids. Apart from a soccer camp, aqua-park, water slides and cascades, there is the Alice in the Wonderland-themed party every evening.

This oasis is located just by the beachside. While your kids will never like to take a leave off here, your fitness goals will also be catered for. You will find aerobics and tennis courts to stay fit. You will be served with delicious meals. The room options are numerous. You can even have a separate villa for your family as well. This oasis will turn your holiday into the best dream holiday ever.

  • MarBella Corfu Hotel, Corfu:

There is a popular children’s show at the island of Corfu that is a big attraction for families to stay at Corfu for a vacation. MarBella hotel offers a range of facilities for the whole family. There are both open and covered play areas. For kids under the age of four, there is a separate kids club. For teenagers there is teens club with water sports, archery, tennis and the like. Your grown-up children can also be a part of dance classes while you relax at the spa. Baby sitters will take care of the younger ones while you can enjoy a massage.

If you are a young couple planning your holiday to Greece, we now suggest you the best couple resorts for your most awaited stay.

Greece Holidays for Couples

Time spent with your significant other is undoubtedly the most precious time. You will want this time to be perfect in every way and fulfilling at its best. Greece has immense island beauty. You can rest on the sands at the beaches and have the time of your life. We will help you choose the best couple destinations in Greece.

  • Hotel Apsenti (couples only), Mykonos:

Mykonos is a magical place. Many have fallen in love with the unique narrow allies. Hotel Apsenti is some kilometers away from the central buzz of Mykonos. It is a small hotel with 22 rooms and is perfect for giving you all the peace you need on a honeymoon or a holiday with your partner. There are well-decorated rooms, candle light arrangements, Spa, wifi and private swimming pools. You have an added advantage of travelling with ease to mainland Mykonos if you need an outing.

  • Hotel Sensimar Royal Blue Resort and Spa, Crete:

We already mentioned that Crete is a big tourist attraction being one of the most amazing Greek Islands. Owing to this status, some top-rated resorts are situated on this island. One of them is the five-star Sensimar resort decorated with shades of blue. This is an adult-only resort with four restaurants and numerous pools. The window views are breathtaking. You can enjoy massages and body treatments at the spa while also spending time in healthy activities like tennis, golf and soccer.

  • Casa Cook Rhodes:

Rhodes Island is a famous one. This small hotel in Rhodes is located in the most beautiful of landscapes. It is just by the sea side. Hills outline it on the other side. It is designed in simple and plain tones and the structure is an open one which keeps you in touch with the fresh air. All rooms open in separate terraces and pools. There are hammocks on terraces to relax with some amazing views in sight. Casa Cook is a perfect destination which draws you into its peace.

  • Corfu Mare Boutique Hotel:

Corfu is famous because it touches the Ionian Sea. For the love of sea views, people stay here quite a lot and the resorts are lavish. Mare Boutique hotel is just 1.5 kilometers away from Corfu town and is an adult-only hotel. Its location near the town does not make it noisy at all. Rather it is built in a quiet area. It features a sauna area as well as a gym. Meals are also served at the pool side since there is one big outdoor pool. All rooms are well decorated with vibrant views of the Ionian Sea.

Apart from travelling with your family or travelling as a couple, you may be a travel enthusiast who explores the world all alone. Being a traveler, you have multiple options of choosing the right resort. You may also like to move from one island to another since you are an explorer. You can stay at the adults-only resorts and can also enjoy the facilities in the family hotels.

Same is true for a group of friends travelling across Greece. You as young enthusiasts do not prefer to settle. Rather you want to keep travelling and fill your camera with the infinite beauty of Greek beaches. You are flexible in resort choices and do not want to choose luxury hotels. You prefer cheaper options and luckily Greece has a lot of them.

Families and couples do a lot of planning and book resorts before flying. Youngsters and travel junkies allow the world to unfold before them. Whether you plan or decide to go with the flow, Greece awaits your presence. Happy Holidays!