Chillingham Castle is located in the northern part of the country, in the county of Northumberland. The castle was founded in the XII century and was originally a structure with a single watchtower.

The Chilling Tale Behind The Most Haunted Hotel

Chillingham was located on the border of England and Scotland and was of great strategic importance in the Middle Ages. This is why the Scots often attacked the castle, and for the British, it served as a stopping point for border detachments. In 1617, Chillingham was visited by Jacob VI, king of England and Scotland. It was thanks to his actions that the conflict between these countries was settled and the political situation stabilized. Chillingham ceased to play the role of a military stronghold and began to position itself as a castle for aristocrats and royal nobles.

And if outwardly Chillingham has changed towards secular traditions, then inside it was a tangle of conspiracies, dramas, and intrigues.The tragedies associated with love affairs and the struggle for power took many lives.

Chillingham Castle – The most haunted hotel in the UK

The castle is scary because, as many eyewitnesses say, it is inhabited by several ghosts. And most of them live in an underground dungeon, where slaves, condemned to death, were once thrown for a long time. Sometimes in the castle, they see wandering ghosts: a man and a little boy. Eyewitness accounts evoked smiles, but only until during the restoration of Chillingham, when one of the dead ends was destroyed, two skeletons were found: an adult and a child. 

Chillingham Castle

Scratches on the stones indicate that they were walled up alive. In the basement of the castle is a torture chamber. Here John Sage, the cruel master of the castle, strangled one of his mistresses right during intercourse. These events did not remain within the walls of the dungeon, but were overheard by a maid and made public. The outrage and unrest associated with this could have resulted in an uprising on the border, and King Edward the Leggy ordered the execution of John in his own castle. By the way, in the dungeon of Chillingham, many remains of victims with broken limbs were found. All but one body left as a memorial sign was removed. Currently, in the cell, you can see the skeleton of a little girl, the last prisoner of the castle who died in the dark prison.

Chillingham Castle History – The Story of John Sage and the Blue Boy

Chillingham Castle

Thanks to haunted stories, this English castle is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the UK. Here, they say, several ghosts live at once. One of them is a Blue (or in another way – a shining) boy. They say that once during the repair work, the skeletons of a man and a little boy were found immured in the wall here. On the inner surface of the wall where the skeletons were found, there are traces of scratches. This indicates that the unfortunate were buried alive in the castle. And since then, every night in one of the castle’s many rooms, heartbreaking screams have been heard, and a blue glow above the bed is visible – this is the ghost of this very boy.

Chillingham Castle

Another famous local ghost is Torture Sage. This spirit lives in a specially equipped torture room. In it, once one of the owners of the castle mocked and eventually strangled his mistress. The girl’s father threatened the reigning then Edward the Leggy that he would rebel along with the Scots if he did not find and punish the murderer of his daughter. The father’s demand was fulfilled, and the tormentor John Sage was executed right on the territory of Chillingham Castle.

The third most famous local ghost is the spirit of Lady Mary Berkeley. This Lady is said to have the habit of appearing directly from her portrait. According to legend, the husband of the unfortunate Lady Mary left his wife alone, and he himself went to live with her sister. Lady Mary was left alone in the castle with her sufferings. So she still lives in the castle – only in the form of a ghost.

The most sinister room in Chillingham Castle is an underground dungeon. It completely lacks any windows or doors. To get into the dungeon, you must get through a very small wall opening. According to historians, the slaves had their limbs broken and were then thrown into this dungeon to die. In the last century, all the remains were removed from the dungeon except one – the skeleton of a little girl. She was the last to die within the walls of Chillingham’s Underground Dungeon.

Visiting tourists come here, go on excursions and learn the history of the castle. Initially, it was only a fortress that served as a watchtower. Only in 1344, the fortress became a castle. Later, the castle was often under siege due to its location between Britain and Scotland. The castle periodically spent the night taking many British kings. It was besieged by enemies more than once, but nobody succeeded in taking it. One of the owners of Chillingham Castle was representatives of the Gray family, mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays.

Chillingham Castle Prices

Choose to stay in the fine apartments at the castle from a guided tour on the day, or get to know Chillingham better. Also, enjoy a night tour and learn more about the ghost stories.

Tickets can be purchased daily by tourists between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. Chillingham’s last entrance is 4 p.m., but visitors should arrive early to explore the Palace. Children between five and 15 years can visit the property, with a charge of £ 6.50. Adults pay £ 10.50 each. Free admission for children under the age of 5 and £ 26 for a family ticket. Two adults and three children are allowed on the family reservation.

The discount is charged to groups that have more than 10 participants, they will be charged £ 8.50 per person for entry. The guide fees for these groups are £ 50 per guided tour. Groups of more than 20 people will require two guides for the tour.

The Tea room of the Castle has no entrance fee and is suitable for visitors with artisan delights. Enjoy heartfelt soup, fresh baked goods, and tea before the bonfire. Nonetheless, note that the grounds of Chillingham are not open to disabled people because of the old building systems.

Chillingham Castle offers ghost tours and stays for the night starting at £100 a night. At the reception, you could buy a chilling gift for a fantasy jetty.