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Nightlife Zakynthos: thanks to its crystal clear ocean as well as Laganas nightlife, it has become one of the most popular destinations for young people in recent years.

If you are considering traveling to Laganas, you’ll be mesmerized by the gorgeous beaches on this tropical isle along with world-class occasions and incredible nightlife, you are on the perfect destination! discover every little thing a person wants to know about the Laganas nightlife, the Best Laganas bars, clubs, dining places, events, and celebration certainly not forgetting the gorgeous beaches and daytime activities anyone can take pleasure in on your visit.

One cannot overlook a night associated with music along with excitement in the southern region of the island. The only one, next to small villages and conventional places, provides tourists until late at night.

For people looking for fun and entertainment, the best areas in Laganas, Argassi, Tsilivi, Alykes and Kalamaki are in the southernmost part of the island. These are the most important tourist destinations frequented by youths who come here to enjoy the evening late in the night clubs.

The main location of Zakynthos nightlife is actually Laganas. Located to the south of the island, This particular location is popular among the youth for its discotheques, pubs and nightclubs to spend a crazy party at night. The nightlife in Laganas concentrates practically on the main street, about 3 km long. The enjoyment continues all night.

Laganas is associated with excitement in Zante and is the most packed place. The night clubs are often proposing new evenings ranging from color to party masquerades, to the famous foam party, which provide to a very young audience. The discos are available till 6 in the early morning as well as generally have free of charge entrance and monetary offers on drinks. The desired destination for an enjoyable night on a budget.

Best Bars In Laganas

Rock Cafe Bar

The Rock cafe bar is located on the beach of Laganas, but at the same time, it is far from the chaotic center of the most tourist village of Zakynthos.

The Rock Bar is just in the middle of the center of Laganas and the islet of Agios Sostis and offers our customers a magnificent view of the Laganas Bay and Agios Sostis isle. The sandy beach of Laganas below our café is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas.

You can spend the whole day here and if you need a break from sunbathing or want to relax while watching the view or watching TV we will be happy to serve you a light meal with fresh juice.

In the evening, the owner invites you to the Rock to have a cocktail of his own in a romantic atmosphere created by candlelight, music and the sea in front of you.

Sugar Bar

Sugar is a popular Laganas bar, suggested for visitors to Zante. The workers are nice, and the bar is not overly crowded. You can take a few good shots to get started. DJ is fantastic, and for a great night out, you can expect a dance party. 

DJs play RnB or house music every day, while visitors enjoy drinking cocktails and mixtures, beverages, beers, shots, alcopops, and promotional drinks. Sugar bar even brings you entertainment on the big screen live on your favorite sports. The atmosphere is perfect for the holiday.

G-Spot Bar

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G-Spot, the emblematic destination of Zante for ages, is just before the Strip itself. It’s a spot where every good night of Laganas starts. A sofa or table with a pleasant atmosphere and elegant drinks can always be found to help you to make your night mood.

There are also some fantastic drinks on the cocktail menu, including Mojito and Daquiri, Porn Star Martini as well as others. Their waitress support with beautiful girls and handsome bartenders is an excellent way to get in the tone. This is also an excellent place to find famous people.

Indie Rock Cafe

The bar on the roof is a fantastic draw, and anyone here will have a great time. Indie Rock Cafe DJs play Oasis, The Smiths, and the Kaiser Chiefs ‘ early rock. This implies that there is no need to be heard every now and then during the entire night by the highest hits of the season. That’s why Zante workers are present at the bar. 

This place has a strategically placed podium where you can display your best performances. Indie Rock’s dentist chair is the most unique thing in the bar. You can force your friend on the chair to have a flask of drink flowing through his neck if you have a birthday.


Chevy’s has everything to eat during Zante holidays, the perfect place to dine in Laganas. This is where most personnel have lunch and breakfast, as well as dinner. 

It’s located in the middle of the Strip and is always busy with visitors; they even have their waitresses rolling around in rollerblades. On the menu, you can find a number of delicious things and padded, comfortable seats.

Best Clubs In Laganas

Rescue club (Laganas Main Road, Laganas, Zante) 

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Situated on the main route in Laganas, Rescue club is probably the most stunning and well-known night clubs in Zante. With three massive rooms and six bars, it is the largest club on Zante and the perfect location to have an enjoyable night time. The Rescue Club is house to a wide variety of activities all through the summer season. 

Drinks, fire shows, foam parties, dancers, and nights with famed DJs are merely a very few of the elements which help to make up this particular large club.  The famous Paint Party and e Glow Party, together with their loads of glitter, This club is among the most popular weekly events. One of the greatest areas in order to chill out and experience Laganas nightlife.

Zeros Club (Main Road, Laganas, Zante) 

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Zeros club is situated in the heart of the nightlife of Laganas, It is one of the most amazing and large clubs in Zante, It can easily handle more than a thousand folks as well as it is definitely hosted a number of the island’s major activities, such as the Foam Party and the Rain Party. Other than hosting significant events together with top worldwide well-known DJs, the club arranges exhibits with fire eaters and acrobatic bartenders. The club begins at midnight, with the various programs every single night of the week. The assurance of pleasure meant for your evenings on the island of Zakynthos.

Plus Club

Plus Club always has a holiday atmosphere with music and dance at best, marking the start of the strip. Girls will be asked to dance and impress their guests at the bar. The VIP entrance offers a fantastic view of the traffic going through the Strip.

You may also intend to buy a bottle of Absolut or Ciroc on the terrace to enjoy. Plus Club, which throughout these years has hosted several of the best events in Zante, is renowned for its exclusive Danny T painting party and Nathan Dawe show.


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The Cocktails and Dreams Night Club is a life-changing experience, and you know that you’re in the right place when you go there. To DJ’s flipping tracks every second, sound and light are absolutely stunning with changing tracks. The bar team includes Greeks who prepare some drinks downhill. You will love this club in Zante if you go to a party with the gang.

Waikiki Club

Waikiki Club is a favorite of Zante employees and is situated close to the beach at the end of the Strip. It is Laganas’ only penthouse club with an outside queue. Waikiki is a perfect place to celebrate the cheesy generic tracks you listen to all the time. It shuts down late, and almost everyone on the Strip stops here at the end of the night.