In today’s day and age, the effect of technology most especially on the travel industry is widespread, with invention signaling the dawn of new ages of travel services and products after the coming of modern communication systems as well as the Internet.

The travel industry, on the other hand, does not only benefited from computerized hotel locks, GPS in rental vehicles, WiFi on planes, and other technological advancements, but people have also through the emergence of many travel applications and websites dedicated to improving consumer experience from the start to end.

With that in mind, if you are planning to book a trip whether to a foreign or local destination, all you need to Is grab your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or laptop, go to your browser, and find all the information that you need on the Internet. As mentioned, there are lots of travel websites that you can use.

However, it is worth mentioning that all travel websites you will see on the Internet are created the same. Some are reliable, safe, and trusted, while others are not.

So if you are looking for a travel website where you can find and book your ideal travel destination that is reliable, safe, and trusted then Secret Escapes can be a great option.

Would you like to learn more about this website? If yes, make sure to read this article that talks about Secret Escapes. In fact, you will see a lot of Secret Escapes Reviews out there, but ours is one of the most reliable and genuine because we’ve done a thorough research and evaluate every single information we see.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Secret Escapes?

Founded in 2011, Secret Escapes is considered the largest members-only site in the United Kingdom that runs best when it comes to flash sales of 4 and 5 stars holidays and hotels. In fact, it is currently operating in 21 countries all over the world.

The people behind this world-class travel website revealed that they wondered why booking trips is a very challenging task considering the traveling should be fun and exciting.

So to make booking a trip hassle-free and stress-free, they created Secret Escapes. On this website, you will be able to a lot of beautiful places along with their clear photos. All the information related to a certain option is also included so that you will have an idea of what you should expect. The prices are also indicated so that you will know how much money you will need or if your budget is enough. That way, choosing the perfect place becomes much easier than ever.

Nevertheless, Secret Escapes, as of today has a social media followings of more than 50 million. Not only that, you can find it from everywhere, from Switzerland to Germany, from the United States to Spain, from Italy to Sweden, your options are limitless.

Secret Escapes, however, solely acts as an agent between the travel providers and the customer. In order to make things clear, this travel website can’t offer an invoice for the sales made by the providers. But Secret Escapes will give a booking confirmation that you can use as your receipt since the total amount paid at the time of booking is indicated. What’s more, this travel website can give you a VAT invoice for your booking payment.

Secret Escapes Reviews: Why Choose It Over Other Travel Websites?

Now that you already what Secret Escapes is all about, but you are still having second thoughts whether you should give it try then keep on reading. Here are the top reasons why you should consider this travel website over the others.

  1. Custom-Made Vacation

All the offers that you will see on this travel website are carefully handpicked with their customers in mind. And they always do their best to make sure that Secret Escapes have the vacations as well as hotels that you want.

But with more than one million members, Secret Escapes admitted they cannot please everybody at all times. In order to resolve this issue, Secret Escapes has decided to launch its bespoke vacations, it is actually a customized or personalized travel service that is only accessible to its members.

Secret Escapes, on the other hand, still give a sale for one week or more or the popularly known flash sales on their website. However, their valuable partners at Designer Travel can be a great help, most especially if you are looking for something that is not currently on sale. But we can assure you that the offers are available at the best rates possible.

In case you didn’t know, Design Travel has more than thirty experts that have legit access to thousands of apartments, hotels, villas, and trips in places of your dreams.

  • Incentive Programs

Another reason to try Secret Escapes is that it runs incentive programs from time to time. If you invite your social media friends and contacts to give this travel website a try when booking, you will able to get credits that you can spend on Secret Escapes.

It is worth mentioning that there is no limitation to the credits that you can earn. It means, that you can earn as many as you can. As a matter of fact, Secret Escapes would like you to tell all of your loved ones and friends about their offerings. But keep this in mind, if you create several fake accounts or try to gain credits by falsifying accounts, it is not considered and sooner or later, once the credits are detected they will be canceled.

Nevertheless, if you obtain credits through incentive programs for booking a trip in a legit manner, the credits will stay in your account for one year unless the indicated expiry date is earlier. When this day comes and you haven’t used your credits, they will be deleted automatically. So make sure to use it or else all effort and time you spent on inviting will become useless.

  • Affordable

Are you on a tight budget but want to unwind to escape from all your stress and problems or simply want to spend some quality with your friends and loves ones? If that’s the case, then Secret Escapes is the perfect place for you.

In fact, this travel website offers up to 70 percent off on their selected products or services. So, what are you waiting for? Visit its website now before the sale ends.

  • ATOL Protected

Wondering what is the meaning of ATOL? Well, it is basically a protection plan of action for air flights and holidays by the CA (Civil Aviation Authority).

All travel tours, as well as tour operators selling air flights and holiday packages in the United Kingdom, are obliged to hold a license known as ATOL (Air Travel Organizer’s License).

The good thing is that all tours available at Secret Escapes offering a flight-inclusive holiday has its own ATOL number that will be shown in the details of the offer for reference.

ATOL, on the other hand, will protect you from being stranded overseas or losing your hard-earned money.

All the holiday packages that have flights sold on this travel website are ATOL protected at all times by the CAA.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that this kind of protection doesn’t apply to all travel and holiday services displayed on the Secret Escapes only to packages with flights. However, this should not discourage you from using this travel website, because there are lots of great features that you can’t see on others since they are uniquely made for Secret Escapes customers only.

By the way, when you opt for a package holiday that doesn’t come with a flight, a protection will be given by manner of a trust account with Serenity Travel Trusts.

  • Make Changes

If you want to make changes to your booking after Secret Escapes has given you the booking confirmation, make sure to contact the travel website as soon as possible.

It is worth mentioning that Secret Escapes doesn’t have any legal obligation to make such a change, but at their own discretion they will try their best to accommodate your requests.

Also, as a customer, you need to understand that it isn’t often possible for Secret Escapes to do is because it will depend on the terms and conditions and availability of their travel providers.

  • Hold Feature

With this feature, all members of Secret Escapes can hold a date ‘til the end of the sale by paying a certain amount. It is like you are reserving a slot so that others will not be able to get it.

This travel website knows that organizing a trip even though you have enough budget is not easy most especially when you are organizing several trips, traveling with others, or simply want to have a considerable time to plan.

To give you enough time to think, you can pay £25 in order to reserve a date in the calendar while you’re still deciding to secure your chosen date, take note, it will remain reserved until offers expire. The good thing about it is that once you have decided not to book a trip, the £25 you paid for reserving a date, Secret Escapes will credit the said amount back to your account. But if you choose to book, the £25 will come off the overall price automatically.

However, there is a tendency that the seller will sell out your chosen date and package while you are deciding since the holidays and hotels this travel website features are accessible to purchase elsewhere. But Secret Escapes will assure you that this will never happen, if yes, don’t worry because they will inform you right away.

  • More options to choose from

At Secret Escapes, there are lots of great destinations as well as hotels where you can choose from. Meaning to say, you are certain that you will end up with the best destination and accommodation possible. From all-inclusive beach breaks and city breaks to far-flung sun escapes, your option is unlimited.

Travel Insurance: Does Secret Escapes Require It?

To ensure your safety while you are traveling, Secret Escapes recommends its customers to buy enough travel insurance. Make sure not to see it as an additional, but a protection instead.

Having a travel insurance is one great way to ensure a successful trip. Nevertheless, depending on the level of protection you obtained, though Secret Escapes recommends a comprehensive plan, this type of insurance will cover you against cancellations, family emergency, health care, supplier, as well as other potential problems. Bear in mind that it is best to always stay on the safest side.


At Secret Escapes, they know how frustrating and challenging booking a holiday or trip could be. With that in mind, they created and designed a website that will make this endeavor a hassle-free, fun, and enjoyable experience.

Secret Escapes, on the other hand, only offers the best and luxury holidays and hotels, abroad and at home, at rates better than anywhere else online.

In addition to that, all their offers are picked by travel experts carefully and this travel website always tries to secure extras such as evening meals, discounts, spa treatments, and room upgrades to make your stay very special.

Now that you have an idea what this travel website has to offer, are you planning to give this a try on your next vacation? If yes, then visit the official website of Secret Escapes right away, become a member and get the best deals possible. As a matter of fact, if you can’t think of a great place where you can spend your holiday, Secret Escapes can also give you some recommendations that you will surely like.

Thank you for reading, hopefully, you’ve found this article helpful.