Because of its stunning coastlines and rich history, Malta is a popular tourist destination, but if you want to explore its best features, you have to visit Gozo. With some of Malta’s most spectacular scenery, stunning beaches, and fascinating historic sites, Gozo would definitely be a trip to cherish. There are a lot of things to do in Gozo that you can look forward to.

There are many reasons to visit Gozo, of which some are as follows:

Gharb Gozo

Gharb is a Maltese town and one of the sixty-eight local councils that have made up the country since 1993. It is located in the westernmost part of the island of Gozo, with a population of 1,554 people. It began as a small hamlet some centuries ago. You can see its ancient roots in the center of town where some houses have magnificent stone decorations on their balconies.

It became a parish in 1679, a change that prompted the construction of a new baroque church. Built between 1699 and 1729, it has an elegant facade compared to that of the Church of Santa Inés de Francesco Borromini in Piazza Navona, Rome.

The town square, the fifth essence of the island of Gozo, is the most famous sight of its postcards. There is a folklore museum that has all kinds of objects of interest that tell the rural history of the island. Gharb is situated in the most picturesque countryside of Gozo, specifically in Dbiegi, the highest hill on the island.

In Dbiegi, it is in the center of the crafts of Gozo. In the limits of Gharb is the chapel of San Dimitri. According to legend, the first chapel was built next to the cliff by a woman whose son was freed from captivity by St. Dimitri. Nearby there is also the basilica Ta ‘Pinu, the preeminent sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In this same place is where in 1883 a woman of the town heard the voice of the Virgin.

Plan a visit to Ta’ Pinu Basilica

Gozo has many beautiful and peaceful churches, but one of the most impressive is Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu Basilica. It is located in Gharf village, providing breathtaking views and a very calm atmosphere.  The basilica offers a wide range of religious and spiritual services, but tourists can also come just to enjoy the sculptures and architecture. Entry is free, but men are not permitted to wear shorts, and women should be covering their heads out of reverence for religious traditions.

Take a stroll at the San Blas Bay

San Blas, a narrow, rock-strewn bay with some gritty, brown sand patches, is backed by steep, terraced fields comprising prickly pear hedges. At the beginning of the very short bridge over the bay is a parking space that can accommodate only a  handful of cars. It’s a steep downhill walk, but you can take a jeep down or up.

Bring lunch and a mask and snorkeling fins, as the water is very shallow and pristine. From Nadur, you can cycle to San Blas in about 30 minutes; it is just over 2.5 km from the city.

Xlendi – Gozo Farmhouses

The Xlendi farmhouse is built on the side of a cliff overlooking the scenic Xlendi River, offering spectacular views of the evergreen countryside.

The farmhouse has an enclosed ground floor garden along with two bedrooms, both of which have ensuite baths, a separate shower room, a living room, and a fitted kitchen. There is another lovely room that houses a large enough jacuzzi for six people.

Razzett Ghasri – Gozo Farmhouses

Razzett Ghasri complex is a group of five farmhouses that surround a large pool. Each self-catering farmhouse has been converted into a wonderful holiday accommodation with all modern facilities while retaining the traditional architectural features. The farmhouses have kitchens and dining areas fully equipped together, supplemented by wood-burning fireplaces in the living areas.

There are small courtyards indoors that you can use at leisure. The pine furniture has been carefully selected to compliment certain houses’ rustic character and beauty. Apart from its breathtaking views,  the scenic location of Razzett Ghasri makes this farmhouse an ideal choice for a luxurious holiday in a rural area.

Celebrate the St George Feast Gozo

The third July Sunday is always a day of Festa. It is the annual St George’s Day at Gozo. Victoria’s overcast community is packed with joyful crowds that day. Locals fight for space with other people flocking from the surrounding villages or entering from Malta’s mainland; the latter often come from al-Qormi, where St George is also Patron Saint.

St. George’s Festival in Gozo is more popular than its religious festival. Between various attractions, annual horse races are held on Sunday afternoon (feast day) in Republic Square, Victoria. St. George’s Parish boasts a famous brass band named the Banda La Stella that plays at several locations throughout the week.

Indulge in an exquisite wine tasting experience at the Tal-Massar Winery

One of Gozo’s most popular tourist attractions, Tal-Massar Winery tours educate tourists about the wines made in the winery, the method of winemaking and the history of the vineyard. The vineyard itself is stunning with the sea in the background, in its vast expanse. Guests enjoy a wine tasting followed by three traditional authentic Gozitan snacks-Galletti (Gozitan crackers) with dips, Gozitan sheep’s cheese, and fresh bread with sun-dried tomatoes and cold-pressed Gozitan olive oil.

Visitors may spend a relaxing holiday in almost any part of the Island of Gozo, whether on the beach or in the countryside. The choice of venue depends on the desires of the travelers for their time at the beach, in nature or tours. Whether you want to go to Marsalforn or Xlendi, Victoria is the perfect place to spend a relaxing seaside break. Within the charming villages of the countryside, where the sea is seen in the background, are more spacious resort properties.