We all love Greece- be it the cuisine, history, culture or the beautiful beaches. Amongst these beautiful beaches lies an island that has captivated various tourists with its enthralling atmosphere. In this island rests the Zakynthos Underwater Caves. Blue caves are one of the most striking natural attractions of Greece, attracting the attention of all connoisseurs of fascinating boat trips and unforgettable scuba diving.

The Blue Caves are located near the Greek island of Zakynthos, popular among travelers, known for its unique Navajo beach and ranking second in terms of attendance among the Greek islands after Corfu. Since you can get to these natural attractions exclusively by water, then usually their visit is combined in one fascinating sea voyage, able to demonstrate all the colors of the charm of Greece.

Zakynthos Underwater Caves

Zakynthos Underwater Caves are located in the northernmost part of Zakynthos Island, near Cape Skinari. Ancient legends say that when the gods created the world, they accidentally scattered a handful of precious stones in the Aegean Sea, and this is how the Greek islands, impressive in their natural beauty, appeared. Moreover, according to legend, the Blue Caves of Zakynthos Island were formed when the most beautiful turquoise pebble fell into this part of the island, and their amazing color, for which these grottoes got their name, clearly makes you believe in such tales.

Natural Beauty is on display in the Keri Peninsula, and the pristine water keeps you coming back for more. In the midst of it all lies the Blue Cave, where the sun adds to the luster of water, welcoming everyone to explore the sea. The milieu of this island is craggy rocks set amidst evergreen valleys. The squashy, white sand and the view of the scintillating turquoise water are what you need for your vacay.

Blue Caves Zakynthos Island

Blue Caves Zakynthos Island Greece

The countless pulchritudinous blue caves have always allured thousands of visitors to explore the island, thereby making it an ideal diving spot. They are typically located in the northern region of the island and are fragments of more enormous caves that succumbed to the sea with time.  What puts these massive yet stunning blue caves in the limelight is the reflection of the sun in the striking blue water, resulting in a view that is best enjoyed at sunrise or sunset.The caves owe their name to the blue waters beneath them. It is believed that everything submerged within these waters magically turns blue. Diving into these waters and exploring the beauty of these blue caves is something you should not miss out on. 

To get the most out of your trip, we recommend you visit the island by a rental boat or dive in for a life-changing experience. The best time to visit these caves is in the morning. We also recommend you take a week’s booking in order to visit as many caves as possible.

Blue Caves Greece Zakynthos

Blue Caves Greece Zakynthos:

Amazing pale blue and turquoise colors are intertwined with emerald greenish shades, making one believe that it really fell into a certain fabulous corner of Greece, where there is a place for magic from ancient Greek myths, according to which the island of Zakynthos was part of the possessions of the legendary navigator Odyssey.

Such a fabulous beauty of the Blue Caves is due to the amazing play of light and water, shade and bright colors. The sun’s rays, reflecting, refracting in sea waters and reflecting on limestone rocks, create such a unique effect of the feeling of being in a real fantastic hall from ancient Greek myths.

It is believed that the water in the Blue Caves has a healing and anti-aging effect. There is some truth in this since it is saturated with calcium and various minerals, it really makes the skin clean, smooth. The depth of the water inside the caves reaches an average of 4 m. The water here is so clear that every pebble at the bottom is noticeable, so it is not surprising that this place is popular among cave diving enthusiasts.

You can get to the Blue Caves of Zakynthos Island either by boat or by boat which allows you to swim under the snow-white arches with bizarre outlines that are the result of thousands of years of work of water and wind. It is best to start from the small fishing town of Agios Nikolaos. However, it is worth remembering that it is strongly not recommended to go to the Blue Grottoes in bad weather since it is very difficult to get into the caves with strong waves and there are great risks of breaking on the rocks. It is best to admire the spectacular scenery of the Blue Caves of Greece at dawn or at sunset time. At Cape Skinari itself, you can visit the old lighthouse and lake, named after the patron saint of sailors – St. Nicholas.

Blue Caves Zakynthos Map:

The island of Zakynthos sits off the west coast of Greece and about 20 km from the mainland. It has a scale of just over 405 square kilometers, but you may still need a car to travel between places. The only possible way to get to the island is by sea or by air. The seclusion adds to Zakynthos’s elegance and unspoiled appeal.

The Blue Caves are located in the East, near Cape Skinari and Agios Nikolaos along the coastline. The best way to get into the caves is by boat. You would need to visit in on small or medium-sized boats in which you would be captaining. Instead, a paid cruise would be worth the cost. 

Many Loggerhead turtles live in the Zakynthos Marine Park on the periphery of Keri, a charming town in the southwest of the island, reachable within 40 minutes from the main harbor. They can be seen laying eggs at the beach and swimming in the ocean. Scuba diving along the Zakynthos coasts will most certainly lead to seeing at least one of those majestic creatures and many more.

Blue Caves Zakynthos Map

Diving could be somewhat expensive, especially if you wish to rent equipment. A single dive in the Zakynthos Island will surely incur you $40. It is therefore advisable to carry your own stuff to save on costs. 

Caves on the island of Zakynthos provide a truly magical sight. Experience a breathtaking scuba dive and explore the Ionian sea. Book a tour and be inspired by the beautiful scenery and the magnificent turquoise waters.