Zante is an island located in Greece and is one of the main tourist destinations in the country. Due to the presence of some exotic beaches, Zante homes several outstanding resorts where the tourists stay while on a visit to the place. The other name of Zante is Zakynthos.

It is very important for you to choose a resort to stay in the place which gives you the ultimate comfort. There are many activities that you can experience while in Zante. Many sea activities can be done here too. Zante is always attractive to global tourists because it provides the chance of horse riding, diving, and kayaking.

As a tourist, you should always keep in mind whether you are visiting Zante alone or with family. You can expect to find a peaceful place if you are visiting the place on a solo trip. These resorts can provide you with ultimate peace and give you the chance of rejuvenating yourself.

Here, you can find a detailed review of some of the best resorts of Zante. All the resorts are classified into different categories as you can easily grasp the outstanding features of different resorts in Zante.

Zante Resorts Guide – Best Resorts In Zante – UPDATED 2019

Zante Resorts Guide
Amazing beach in Zakynthos, Greece

Given following are the top ranking resorts present in Zante. You can go through the reviews and understand which resorts to choose from while visiting in Zante.

Zante Yliessa

Zante Yliessa is a well-furnished resort in Zakynthos that is located at a distance of only 6 minutes from the beach. It is adjacent to Porta Roma. There are a few rooms which face the sea delivering you with the outstanding views to the sea. From the other rooms, the views of the garden can be seen. This resort has many amenities that ensure total relaxation of the tourists. 

Image of Zante Yliessa resort

You might choose to have a good time for leisure beside the pool that is present inside the premises. A bar is also present in the hotel where you can get the opportunity to enjoy several types of liquor. All the rooms are equipped with attached toilets.  Other conveniences that you can get from this resort are Wi-Fi accessibility and free car parking zone.

You will get a chance to go for scuba diving conveniently from this resort. You can also get an opportunity to rent transportation whenever needed from the resort itself. The pricing of the resort starts from 70 USD.

Sterre of the Sea

The Sterre of the Sea is located in Akrotiri that is located on the eastern side of Zante. The reason for the Sterre of the Sea is the best is that it provides wonderful views of the sea. It is a cool and calm resort with very less hustle and bustle. The sunrise can be best seen from the resort.  The marine water blue can always be a treat to your eyes that you can witness from the top of the resort.  You will just need a car for visiting the main sea beach in the place.

Quiet Resorts in Zante – For Peace & Tranquility

Quiet Resorts In Zante

When you consider the quite resorts in Zante, you must always remember that it might be a tough job to find a peaceful place. The tourism sector has gained much dominance on the island. However, there are a few resorts where you can still find peace and tranquility.

Villamare Grande (superhost)

The Vilamare Grande is one of the marvelous resorts that you can help you get the much-desired tranquility. If you are traveling solo and want to have some private time by the beach, the Villamare Grande can be the best for you. In case, you are out with your family, you can also choose this resort. There are a single and double bed and a couch in the villa.

The best part of the place is that you can get some outstanding amenities like TV and Wi-Fi. The place can enhance your privacy as a private kitchen is present in the place where you can conveniently cook your own food.

Villa Contessa

The Villa Contessa is located in the Valikinos. This is a villa type resort that gives you much peace. In Zante, the Villa Contessa is located in the close proximity to the Kaminia Beach. You can expect to get peace while staying in the place as the Kaminia Beach is tranquil itself and you can get the glimpse of it.

You can expect that the room in the resort is comfortable enough.  You can have a good stay here if you are alone or with your partner looking for some much-needed rejuvenation.

Best Resorts In Zante For Couples

Best Resorts In Zante For Couples
Porto Zante Greek

Zante is one of the leading honeymoon destinations. Several couples from around the world visit Zante seeking for some leading romantic resorts. Here are some best resorts and hotels in Zante that provides the couples with the desired privacy.

Azure Resort and Spa

Azure Resort and Spa is one of the best places in Zante where the couples can have a good time staying. A full-service spa is located in the resort where you can conveniently seek for some rejuvenation. In the resort premises, there are a couple of outdoor pools and an indoor pool where the couples can conveniently have fun.

There are 2 cafes and 2 poolside bars which are present in the resort complex. Thus, it gives couples a chance to enjoy a romantic holiday. Moreover, booking the Azure Resort and Spa, you can get complimentary breakfast every day while the stay. Every public lounge of the resort are well equipped with an internet connection that adds on outstanding conveniences for the guests living there. 

Castelli Hotel- Adults Only

The Castelli Hotel- Adults Only is situated in Agios Santos in Zakynthos. It is one of the best places where the couples can dwell while on a visit to Zakynthos. It is couple-friendly place as only adults are allowed here. The guests can access the excellent poolside bar in the place. You can also expect to get the complimentary internet at the place too. Self-parking place on the spot is available here too. Thus, Castelli Hotel- Adults Only can be the best place for the honeymooners who visit the island of Zante.

Best Zante Resorts For Families

Zante Resorts For Families

Most families choose to visit Zante in Greece to have a marvelous beach outing. There are some mesmerizing resorts in the place that are suitable for the family holidays. Some of the leading resorts are mentioned below.

Sunset Paradise Resorts

The complimentary facilities present in the Sunset Paradise Resorts present in Zante. There are a lot of places where family tourists can have a good time relaxing or playing on the premises.  You can find the outlook of the resort to be soothing as the swimming pool area is technically covered with trees. This enhances the outer outlook of the resort. You can get a good time seeing the trees while the kids can play in the lounge of the hotel.

While you move into the bar with your family, expect the bar attainders to behave in a proper manner with you. At Sunset Paradise Resorts, you can get a decent amount of space everywhere. This can help your family to enjoy comfortably during the stay in the family-friendly resort. It can be tranquil for your family while staying in a resort like Sunset Paradise.

Avithos Resort

Avithos resort is one of the most important family-friendly resorts in Zante. The place is situated at a distance of 10 km from the Argostoli. Taking the family to the Avithos Resort, you can enjoy the fertile regions having the vegetations of olive and orchids. While having the family trip you can get the magnificent views of the Zante. Furthermore, the location helps the place to be peaceful as there is rarely any hassle in the surroundings.

The family rooms are present on the ground floor. So, there will be no problem for elderly people to get into the rooms. The food served in the resort restaurant and bar is of the best quality. You can expect to get all the fresh foods.

The resort can give you the opportunity to hire a car and visit nearby places. However, the place outstands in many cases; there might be chances of mosquitoes. So, you must always try to take the needful medicines for protection.

So, these are some of the best resorts that can give you the best experience while you visit Zante for a holiday. You must always remember to choose such a place which suits your desires the most. Moreover, checking the prices is another main thing you can do.

Leading hotel booking websites often show the best prices for the resorts of Zante. You can also expect to get decent conveniences regarding the booking of the resorts. Remember that it is quite normal to face different charges from the booking websites for the same place. You should always think about the reputation of the website and the charges while booking a particular resort.